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(Last Updated On: December 14, 2018)

What makes a hosting company best as we go to host our website with them?

What factors actually matters the most for being a best hosting company?

If you were going to host your website now, where would you put your time and energy to discover what really makes a hosting provider best?

We are constantly advised to save a few bucks when we purchase things. We are given the impression that these are the things that we should look in to pricing, whether its cheap or not in order to purchase a hosting account.

I don’t come here to you as a web hosting expert. I came here to share my study report about how to choose a web hosting service provider when you seriously need a top class web hosting for your site.

I am very excited to share my study report here that really surprised me about why and how a web hosting company ranked #1 within the hundreds of hosting provider.

This study is not only to provide you a list of great hosting service provider but should clear your mind about what hidden factors playing in these company to being as best.

If you take some time to read this study I hope you will sure unlock the hidden secret about why these hosting companies got popularity and some others not.

So What I did?

Here is what i did in study to find out what are the best reliable web hosting company.

  • I have tracked over 60+ web hosting company from the last year, checked their pricing, read their reviews, company profile, business model and company authenticity.
  • Purchased some of their hosting account to host my real WordPress site, started my online business, monitor their performance and up time, speed etc.
  • To know more about these company, I dive into more deeply through web like many review site, hosting forum, twitter review etc.

Studies like this are exceedingly rare. My study of web hosting company is the may be the only study that any one ever been done.

What my study says what is best web hosting provider?

Here is the list of great reliable hosting service provider delivering best feature, efficient price, best customer support.

1. Digital Ocean – the Greatest Hosting Provider

Hosting Type: Cloud VPS
Speed:  SSD Drive give you the maximum Speed ever
Pricing: $5.00/month (Monthly Payment Cap)
Uptime: 99.99% True Up-time Guarantee

Digital Ocean is the first SSD Cloud VPS hosting provider in the world. (Source)
Digital Ocean is now the second largest hosting provider.(Source)
They provide SSD based VPS hosting with a budget price.

Why Digital Ocean best hosting provider?

Digital ocean servers gives you the maximum loading speed, root level access and security, cost efficient plan, monthly payment cap. They have the top rated genuine customer reviews.

Who is mostly using the digital ocean?

Everyone is choosing now Digital Ocean. Mostly the Developers to run their application, many entrepreneur, Advance Blogger, etc.

How many data centre they have?

To date they have 13 different data centers location in various parts of the globe.

What feature they are providing?

Including 6 GNU/Linux distributions and dozens of one-click applications. Including WordPress.

Whats their server pricing? What you get with that pricing?

Their pricing start at $5/month with a 1 VCPU, 1GB RAM, 25GB SSD Storage and 1TB data Transfer.
Eric Lundquist’s article on eWeek noted that “DigitalOcean has the easiest to understand pricing model”

What kind of support they are providing?

By ticket, Email and forum. Digital Ocean offers community resource which has more than 1000 tutorial and received 2 million visitors per month.

If you want to know more deeply about Digital Ocean, please visit its wiki page

2. Linode – as like as Digital Ocean

Hosting Type: Cloud VPS
Speed:  Max  Loading Speed for SSD Storage
Pricing: $5.00/month (Monthly Payment Cap)
Up-time: 99.99% True Up-time Guarantee

Linode is one of the best hosting company in the globe. It has the same feature as like as Digital Ocean.

Why its best?

It has the same business model and feature like Digital Ocean, maximum loading speed, root level security, SSD storage and Budget Pricing.

What is their pricing? What are they providing?

Their pricing starts at $5/month with 1 V-CPU, 1 GB RAM, 25 GB SSD storage, and 1 TB Bandwidth.

How many data centre they have?

Linode have 12 data centre in different place around the globe.

What feature they are providing?

Linode providing multiple product for its client, Linux VPS with one click install application including WordPress.

What is their support?

They take care to their customer by support ticket, email, community forum.

3. Vultr – Best cheap hosting

Hosting Type: Cloud VPS
Speed:  Max  Loading Speed for SSD Storage
Pricing: $2.50/month (Monthly Payment Cap)
Up-time: 99.99% True Up-time Guarantee

Vultr is the best cheap cloud VPS hosting Provider around the globe. Its better than a shared host from any popular Shared Hosting Company. It has the same feature as like as Digital Ocean and Linode.

Why its best?

What I Found in my study that it has the same business model and feature like Digital Ocean, And Linode with maximum loading speed, root level security, SSD storage and Budget Pricing.

What is their pricing? What are they providing?

Their pricing starts at $2.5/month with 1 VCPU, 512 MB RAM, 25 GB SSD storage, and 500 GB Bandwidth.

How many data centre they have?

Vultr have 15 data center location in different place around the globe.

What feature they are providing?

Linode providing multiple product for its client, Linux VPS with one click install application including WordPress.

What is their support?

They take care to their customer by support ticket, email, community forum.

How did I study these companies?

So when I have started my study, I have collected 60+ web hosting service provider including most popular hosting company like BlueHost, HostGator, SiteGround, etc and some internet giant Like Google Cloud, Anazon AWS, Microsoft Azure etc.

I have divided them into three groups.

The first group are the company who were the industry leader and internet giant like Google Cloud, Amazon aws, Microsoft Azure.

And the second group were the hosting provider who are the most popular you might have heard of them like BlueHost, Host Gator, Siteground, Hostinger etc.

And the Third group were the hosting company who were the most unpopular among above company, you might not often heard about them like Digital Ocean, Linode, Vulter etc.

1. The First Group

So the first group I have mentioned above are Google, Amazon, Microsoft Azure who are the most reliable company and the internet giant.

Amazon AWS

In 2015 I had host my site on Google and Amazon aws to try their service. Their services and feature were awesome. Uptime and sitespeed are remarkable. But due to lack of advanced knowledge and high pricing I moved to Godaddy within few month.

Amazon Pricing and Feature

Normally Amazon aws cloud hosting start with a nano EC2 instances.
Hosting Type: Cloud VPS
Pricing: $25/Month
RAM: 512 MB
Storage: 4 GB HDD
Bandwidth: 2 GB

Google Cloud

I have tried Google Cloud as well as Amazon AWS. Like AWS, Google has the same feature and business model. but due to Internet Dominator, Both have a very costly Pricing Model.

Google Pricing and Feature:

Google cloud pricing start with micro instances with 600 MB ram and 1 TB data transfer from $30
Hosting Type: Cloud VPS
Pricing: $30/Month
RAM: 600 MB
Storage: 20 GB HDD
Bandwidth: 2 GB

I didn’t tried out microsoft azure service but their pricing start with a minimum instances, 750 MM ram, 32 GB HDD and a 100 GB tansfer is $50 which is too expensive.

IBM cloud pricing starts with 1 GB RAM and 25 GB storage $25

Bottom line of these Companies

All the above companies are very expensive to use and you have to be some kind of technical nerd to configure their hosting server. Its not recommend for a startup who don’t have the advanced technical knowledge.

2. The Second Group

The second group were the companies like Godaddy, Bluehost, Host Gator, Site Ground, A2 Hosting, iPage, Inmotion Hosting, DreamHost etc. (Total 60+ Companies I have checked)

group of web hosting companies

When I looked at Bluehost, Host Gator, Siteground, all of these companies, I learn that these company is preferred by many websites and they have listed these company as best hosting company.

These hosting company got too many popularity than the other hosting company so I was very curious about what factors accounted the most behind them to get that popularity

These company providing shared hosting service with a cheap price but only with multi year commitment. So I have to invest around $100 to get that price.

I have tried only Godaddy hosting for my website before I host my site to AWS and Google cloud.

It was a cheap hosting for startup and easy to configure. Within 15 minute I configured my WordPress site and get online.

It has a user friendly dashboard that any one can setup his web site within a  few minutes.

But instead of satisfying I felt soon that my site running very slow and most of the time was server down.

So I was thinking to move to another great web hosting company.

It would be huge investment to try all of these company and honestly said that I could not afford for that so instead of purchasing I started to learn more about them before I go to host with them.

Bottom Line of These Companies

These companies are providing basically is Shared Hosting with Multiyear Subscription Plan which looks to be cheap but you have to invest around $100 to get their service.

3. The third group

And the third group of company were the companies who provide Cloud VPS hosting service at a very affordable price like Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr etc. These companies are born provide to cloud VPS services. You can opt their hosting within your budget.

linode vultr digitalocean

But these company didn’t get the popularity as much as the second group of companies.

Currently I am hosting with digital ocean and Linode.

I have tried Digital Ocean for my current site and Linode for another business site.

Their pricing start only $5/month with 1 GB RAM and 20 GB SSD with 1 TB of bandwidth.

Both have a very user friendly dashboard and one click application install script.

I configured my WordPress site within a minute and get online.

I checked their pricing and feature and reviews. company profile and business model.

and it has been a year I am hosting with digital ocean and linode.

according to me both are great web hosting provider.

Why did I Study these company?

I have study to learn how they perform well. All of these company was checked by their business model, datacenter location, company profile, Industry Market size and mostly their customer experience(reviews).

I wanted to look back at them to see why some of these companies got best ranked and why some others not?

To get the clearest picture about these company I don’t just checked their business model, service offered, I also tracked their customer reviews on third party site because it’s not just how much positive reviews they have or how many sites are recommend them but its about whether these reviews are genuine or the paid one.

When I started to learn all of these company, I wanted to look deeply at their customer persona if I could predict how much customers are acquiring their host and how much customers are leaving them.

The factors I looked at them

I started to looking at the business model. What feature they are promising to the customer?

Does the company have a very clear path generating customer revenues? That started rising to the top in my thinking about maybe what matter the most for best host.

And then of course the pricing. Is the price way too high and the customers are not ready for it?

Is it like a big investment for startup you are in opt for a host? Is it just right? Or is it too cheap, for there is too many competitors?

So I looked very carefully at these factors across popular web hosting companies who make the market ladder in the way to the very top. And looked across all unpopular web hosting companies who make the journey in the opposite direction.

And I  try and come up with something scientific about it.

What lesson I have learned from this Study?

So what have I learned? What are the lesson that I come from this study that I have generated from this hosting provider?.

Well there are five  clearest things that I get from this study is this:

Affiliate commission makes these company so popular.

First Factors: Affiliate Commission

The number one facotr was Affiliate Commission. Affiliate commission account the 75 percent of the difference between popular Hosting and unpopular Hosting.

Second Factors: Payout Terms

The number two factor is affiliate payout terms. The all popular hosting company give the commission to their affiliate in the end of the month. But the unpopular hosting company give the commission to their affiliate after five months if the referred customer stayed with them minimum five month on a 5$/month hosting plan.

What the heck!….

So let me give you some specific example about each of these factors.

Say you have referred a customer on BlueHost or HostGator, these company will give you a referral commission about a minimum $50 to $100 per sell depends on how much customer you have referred to them.

But if you have referred a customer on Digital Ocean or Linode, you will get a commission about maximum $25 if the referred customer stayed with them minimum five month on a $5/mo plan.

There is no way to get that commission before the five month or if the customer leave the hosting company before five month.

Here is a Commission chart of this companies

Here is the list of how much the commission rate of those companies

CompanyPayment termsAffiliate commissionAffiliate Payout
A2 HostingAnnualup to $140/saleEnd of month
BlueHostAnnual$65/saleEnd of month
JustHostAnnual$60/saleEnd of month
SitegroundAnnualup to $100/saleEnd of month
HostGatorAnnualup to $125/saleEnd of month
iPageAnnualup to $150/saleEnd of month
WP EngineAnnualup to $200/saleEnd of Month
Digital OceanMonthly$20After 5 Month
LinodeMonthly$20After 5 Month

So first on these companies like A2Hosting, BlueHost, HostGator, etc all become so popular just for their affiliate commission amount.

And the companies like digital ocean, linode etc all have better feature and pricing, due to their affiliate commission and terms didn’t got much popular.

Third factors-Pricing

The third factor is the pricing. The most of the  popular companies offers very low pricing, starts with a minimum $2/month.

But to get that price, you need to prepay with three years subscription plan to get that price.

And after the period of that time, you need to pay two or three times or even four times higher that the initial payment.

It’s not recommended to go with a cheap shared hosting. Cheap always return in cheap quality.

Most startup customer could not understand that it’s a trap to fund their hosting empire.

Fourth Factors: Unlimited Feature

The Fourth thing is unlimited feature like storage, bandwidth, etc.

Dont be surprised with so called unlimited or unmetered services.

Its a trap to dump user where most of new user don’t know the definition of their so called unlimited is what purpose is your website is.

That mean if your site is a very basic then its OK and you don’t need to worry about it. but if you have lot of traffic or huge file to store, the bottom line is spend more or go elsewhere.

Fifth Factors: Quality Assurance

The Fifth factor is the money back guarantee. Most of the popular hosting provider assured their customer by a money back guarantee if the user could not satisfied with their service within 30 days to 90 days.

But after the assured time, they didn’t get any refund even their is an issue with their site.

Sixth Factors: Easy to Configure

The Sixth number is user friendly control panel. The shared hosting companies are using cpanel control panel which give you one click wordpress install and easy to configure everything.

But the cloud vps companies are using their own control panel which not as easy as cpanel and you might have some technical knowledge to configure everything.

Although Digital Ocean and Linode are providing a very user friendly dashboard where you can configure everything and install any software with one click.

How this study should justified?

So now give me you some reasonable example about each of these companies. Like Digital Ocean, that no one site listed DO on their top hosting list because no one will cite a company’s name as a top when their affiliate terms and payment are too complex.

But of course people prove that wrong

Digital Ocean is now the fastest Hosting Provider in web hosting industry. Faster than Amazon AWS.

image courtesy of

That company came out right during the height of the recession when people really needed extra speed, feature and user control to their hosting. And that may be helped people overcome their objection to renting a VPS on Digital ocean.

Same thing with Linode. Linode came out on 2012, incredible company, incredible pricing , great support too. But the business model was so perfect to people’s need to get customers into the system. Bloggers were looking for budgeted VPS, it was very very important.

Same thing on VULtr

Some of the popular companies like BlueHost, HostGator have the cloud VPS plan for their customer need. But pricing may be the matters the most when you looked at their VPS pricing which is normally start $30-$80/month with multi year subscription.

So this study, that cheap, unlimited, money back guaranteed web host could be a tricky to fund their industry buy cutting your pocket.

And a VPS from realiable service provider can give you the best service to your site. Period.

Now this is not absolutely definitive, its not say that the price is not important, bur it very much surprised me that the price was not the most important thing. Sometimes it mattered more when you are actually need a budget hosting.

If you really need a budget vps, in todays age there are so many reliable hosting provider who provide a optimal budget hosting for you. And upgrade latter when you have a very high traffic on your site.

Like me I am currently using Digital Ocean’s  VPS on a $5\month plan.

The last one, user friendly control panel made me sense to me actually.

But I think server configuration makes sense to be that low because there are too many resource over the internet about how to configure a cloud VPS.

Digital Ocean Control Panel

Not every blogger are a technical geeky, they learned to operate their vps server just googling it when there is an issue. So you can start out a vps hosting without a very advance knowledge.


So what i would say. In summary is the popularity really matters a lot?  is the BlueHost, HostGator, Siteground are the best host?

Well the answer could be many depending on which is suitable for your needs and capabilities.

But I most recommend to go with Digital Ocean, Linode, Amazon AWS, Cloudways because these companies are best known in what their customer wants.

And the best way to really find the great hosting is to really look at whether service providers are really ready for what you have to offer them.

And to be really really honest about it. Not be in denial about any results that you see on Google search because if you have own a website and you want to push it forward, trigger it with a VPS hosting.

I hope some of this insights can maybe help you in finding a great host.

Thank you very much, you have been a great reader.

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