The shocking truth about best web hosting company you need to know

(Last Updated On: May 30, 2018)

I don’t come here to you as a web hosting expert. I came to you as someone who is really interested to share some idea about how to pick a web host for your site.

I am really excited to share this back-end story that really surprise me about why and how is a web hosting company rank #1 or best within hundreds of company around the globe?

If you are a startup individual or organization and you are going to expand your business, these days you need to put all the stuff of your business into online. And when it comes to online, the first thing you need a hosting company.

I think I don’t need the explanation for why do you need a web hosting. But I should explain here what type of web hosting do you need and which web hosting company you should choose for your business.

If you spend some time to search google for “best web hosting company” or “top ten web hosting company”, you might have been seen there are so many results on search pages and those site listed some of hosting company like Bluehost, Godaddy, Site Ground, Host Gator etc as best hosting company out of thousands of hosting company around the globe. here you see like these,


Some site has listed GoDaddy for Best WordPress hosting company.

and some site has listed iPage as Best hosting company for 2018.

The result is many companies has been listed all over the SERP and its vary from site to site. some of them I have listed here

According to, they have been listed as 2018’s best web hosting is the siteground hosting company.

PcMag Listed some hosting company as best web hosting service for 2018 and you see DreamHost is the winner here.

Here is another list from b2evolution. And They recommend iPage as best hosting company. they claim that they are updating this list on daily basis.

and that one is from and they pick Bluehost as best hosting company.

I used to think that finding a best hosting company is easy as finding the best stuff for your need through google.

People always tend to search for a best hosting company for their online business. And after reading some paid of fake review and some promoted article they go for it without realizing the back-end secret why this review or article recommend them to host.

wait a minute, you mean all the review and blog are lying about web host?

no not all of them but most of them. because after searching best web host on the Google, where should you go to host your site?

would you like to host with BlueHost because you found its review and article helpful but another site does not recommend it as a quality web hosting provider.

And GoDaddy? the same story and it can apply for the rest of hosting company.

So how to find a best-hosting company for your site?

I believe that there are two views to find the best hosting company on the web.

1One is the traditional pedagogical views that most people do that is that you search for the keyword best hosting on google. Then you look out the search result and click some website’s link. You read some review of some web hosting company by their pricing, service, support, discount etc. you click back to the result and click another website’s link and read the same hosting company’s review etc and compared it with other reviews. Then you decide to go to the company like Bluehost, HostGator, GoDaddy, etc by clicking their affiliate link.

2And now, the contrasting view comes out of this traditional view for web hosting. You should check these result by inculcating some questions on your mind.

What things make a company as best hosting company?

What factors actually matter the most for being a best or worst hosting company?[td_smart_list_end]

  • Is the uptime and speed matters for a hosting company? Should be it prioritized first?
  • Is the customer reviews really matters to be a best hosting company?
  • Does it really make any sense to call a company as “best hosting company of 2018”

if Bluehost or Siteground is the best hosting company, then why do some site does not consider them as best hosting company?

I wanted to find out these things because I have been looking for a great web hosting provider for my site from few months.

I don’t expect server fail or up time issue for my first site as previously happened to me with Godaddy hosting and I gave up that shit.

And why these websites have been listed those company on their site.

And the result is Affiliate Commission. It really matters only for the Affiliate Commission.

The listed site on google SERP has been listed as a hosting company as best for how much they give them a referral commission.

Here is an example.

If you refer someone to host with Bluehost or siteground hosting. And he sign-up with any plan and makes a payment. You are going to receive a referral commission about $65

all of the web hosting companies out there are taking annual payment and providing a huge referral commission to their affiliate just after the end of the month.

Some of the companies out there is providing use first pay later terms from their customer and providing a small amount of referral commission to their affiliate about $20 only if the referred customer stay with them minimum 5 months.

So as an online marketer no one will be interested in 5-month delay payment and also low commission rate. No matter how great is those companies.

Here is the list of how much the commission rate of those companies

Company Payment terms Affiliate commission Affiliate Payout
A2 Hosting Annual up to $140/sale End of month
BlueHost Annual $65/sale End of month
JustHost Annual $60/sale End of month
Siteground Annual up to $100/sale End of month
HostGator Annual up to $125/sale End of month
iPage Annual up to $150/sale End of month
WP Engine Annual up to $200/sale End of Month
Digital Ocean Monthly $20 After 5 Month
Linode Monthly $20 After 5 Month

So what are you thinking is the commission matters for a web hosting company to be great.

I would say yes. Because its the most important thing to analyze how a company giving their service by how much they are taking profit.

So which company is providing best hosting services?

After spending some time on finding some clue or factors, I found these companies.

I didn’t call them as top 10 best web hosting company instead I call up them as top class web hosting company around the globe. They are using the most advanced trending concept in hosting world.

They are not using any old concept like Shared Hosting Plan which is used to early hosting model.

I tried to rank across all of those attributes by trying to be systematic about it.

The all-time top class web hosting is

Digital Ocean


Amazon Web Service

Google Cloud.

I think Shared hosting is the last century’s used concept where hundreds of thousands of site hosted on a single server while cloud hosting was not been idealized then.

It is very most disadvantage concept now as the global hosting world is moving to cloud-based hosting.

These days web hosting means cloud hosting. If you are taking seriously to your business you must avoid shared hosting.

Some advice for Hosting. While shopping for Web hosting, keep these things in your mind.

Don’t go for cheap hosting. Cheap always return in cheap Quality. Some Cheap Web hosting company offer very low as starting price but you have to prepay for two or three years to get that service.

And after the period of that offer, you need to pay two or three times or even four times higher than the initial payment.

And then if you look to migrate to any other host, it might consider being cost money and time. It could affect your business reputation.

Don’t be surprised with so-called Unlimited or unmetered services.

Just remember that there is no such thing call unlimited. Have you ever seen the Herd Disk with unlimited storage capacity? Its never been invented. Then how they are giving that service?

It very important to understand the definition of their so-called “unlimited” is what purpose is your website is.

That means if you are building a very basic website, then its ok and you don’t need to worry about it.

But if you are going to build a huge or small-medium site then their bottom line is spends more or go elsewhere.

I’m Just a Blogger. Sharing my idea with you.


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