What is Shared Hosting? Everything you need to know about Shared Hosting

(Last Updated On: November 17, 2018)

A shared hosting is a web hosting service where most people tend to host their website overwhelmed by its cheap hosting prices and what they got in return is cheap services.

What most people couldn’t realize the hidden risks of a shared hosting within those low prices. And they thought they could compete with their marketer in a big way by this cheap price.

Wait, What is that mean?

In the shared hosting environment, hundreds if not thousands of websites are hosted on a single physical server. The web hosting service provider allowed multiple websites to utilize a single physical server.

example of a website hosted on a shared hosting

You have no idea how much website or who or what type of websites are hosted on that single server. You would never know who your neighbors are.

All customer are using the resources at the same time. It’s unknown how much resources like RAM, Hard Drive Spaces, Processor power cycle is reserved for you to utilize your website.

Most people are getting started online with the advantages of the shared hosting cheap plan will greatly outweigh the disadvantage. But everything else in life what they got by cheap hosting=cheap service.

I spent a lot of time to figure out what are the potential risk and benefit of a shared hosting. And how will it impact my business reputation If I host my site on a shared hosting server?

Hosting your site on a server easily and seeing that your site is loading very fast without any issue is very satisfying.

But what if you noticed after hosting your website on a cheap shared hosting server, that your site is facing too many problems like speed, uptime, security concern etc?

A very disappoint right?

That’s why I wanted to find out the main benefit and disadvantage of a shared hosting. After dive in what I found there are plenty of hidden risk of a shared hosting that most people failed to realize.

How Shared hosting impact your website performance:

As shared hosting allowed multiple websites to host on a single server, no one client is permitted to using up all the resources. And also there is no guarantee for the computing resources which may depend on how many clients are using the resources at the same time.

If you are receiving a lot of visitor to your website that’s uses more resources and power cycle, the hosting provider let you know that you are hitting its bandwidth level and resource and will shut down your site without prior notice.

Most of shared hosting companies cramming too many websites on a single server and damaging the performance.

How much traffic can Shared Hosting handle?

HostGator shared hosting feature 2018

It very important to understand the definition of their so-called “unlimited” is what purpose is your website is.

As most of the hosting provider promising for unlimited storage and bandwidth, the real truth is if you are building a basic website then it’s ok and you don’t need to worry about it. but when you have many visitors in your website then the bottom line is spends more or go elsewhere.

Don’t be surprised with so-called Unlimited or Unmetered services.

How Shared hosting impact your website Speed?

When it comes to hosting with a shared server, everyone asked:

  • is shared hosting slow or fast?
  • How speed can affect my website?

Not so many people are aware of how site speed can affect SEO and their business reputation. In a recent page load study showed that how speed impacts the SEO and visitor. 

When Google announced that “it would be including the speed in the search ranking factor” the word web speed went viral.

Another announcement by Google’s Matt Catts that “slow performing mobile site would soon be penalized in search ranking well”

Another study showed that how one-second slow loading could cost Amazon 16 billion in sales.

Research on U.S. Net habits suggests that if your website takes longer than a second to load, many visitors will have clicked elsewhere already.

Website speed is one of the factor in google page ranking.

If all the clients are using the resources at the same time, your site can slow down. If any website owner on the same server using more power cycle, the other website operation will Slow down. If you had hosted your site on shared hosting that’s ends up slow down your page loading speed, you will definitely see a drop in ranking.

If Google bot will unable to crawl your website due to slow speed it won’t be ranked and indexed on google.  And if you are not found in Google search, your business would not grew up.

Faster loading website are easily located by search engine

Website hosted on shared hosting take ages to load. Slower loading site affects the conversion rate. 

The most significant risk comes to your website visitor. Who would wait for a website that takes ages to load? They simply quit when there is an alternative.

A poor performance and slow loading website outcome in a negative user experience and it deserve less promotion in every single way.

How Will It impact security?

Security is the most debatable issue in the web hosting environment. As shared hosting server allowed multiple websites to host, then if any website on that server attacked by the hacker, your site could also be attacked. And when attacked your website should be suspended until the threat of danger addressed and removed.

A malicious user can also buy the hosting plan from a shared hosting plan and upload the harmful data/malware for intending to gain access to other’s site on that server.

In the shared server, every shared user using the same space. If any website on that server hacked, it literally opens the gateway for the hacker which considers being a vulnerable attack for the entire server.

There is another disadvantage of the shared server is not being able to harden the server. You would never get access to PHP and Apache configuration of the server.

Is shared hosting Secure?

I would say theoretically yes but practically no. Many unlucky site owner experiencing their site being attacked repeatedly despite security guarantee provided by hosting provider.

Chances are it becomes more and more difficult to protect it against security concern.

No matter how much you try to increase your security measure in a shared hosting, the fact is that it is plainly not possible to ensure 100 percent airtight protection to it.

How will it impact on SEO?

Search engine traffic plays a crucial role in the success of your website. You will wonder to know that why the most website could not found on google search even they have quality content on the site.

If your website is hosted on a shared server you might be don’t know that you will be sharing the same IP address as the other website on the server.

If any website owner makes a serious mistake such as he got blacklisted on google or any other search engine, then website included yours on the same server may also be blacklisted.

You will never rank well on google search even how good your content is. This is considered a significant issue for those startups who are only starting to get recognize or improve his traffic.

Another significant issue may outline that if you planning to send email from that shared server which IP already blacklisted, then it will impact on your email campaign.

Your email will detect as spammed you could never deliver your email to your client’s inbox.

How much does Shared Hosting cost?

HostGator’s shared hosting plan of 2018

A shared hosting generally come with a very cheap price as $2.75/Month but you have to prepay for two or three years to get that price. And after ending the promotional period you have to renew your hosting with their normal price as around $10/month in annual commitment otherwise you have to go elsewhere.

But if you want to go with a trial for one month this would cost you $3.95 plus $ 14.95 for an additional setup fee.

BlueHost pricing 2018

So when you are going purchase a shared hosting plan, be ready with minimum $100 to $150 in your pocket.

HostGator pricing 2018

Is Shared Hosting worth for me?

When we call something cheap, we’re often using the term in a negative way. However, low-cost web hosting isn’t a bad thing by nature. But one of the most common concerns with cheap shared hosting is that it will slow down your website. shared hosting will not have the quality to fill your business need. They are not getting better performance anymore.

You wouldn’t recognize the issues that are standing in your way.
From beginner to expert, shared hosting is not suitable if you are serious to grow up your business.


When all the hidden disadvantage of shared hosting comes to your mind, it presses on a fundamental question “

  • Which web hosting is best for me?”
  • How do other’s website running faster?
  • Where the proffessionals are hosted their website?

The answer is VPS

It will be better to go with a VPS hosting to escalate your website.

VPS gives you all opposite advanced feature of a share hosting environment.

VPS is an ideal hosting solution provides Dedicated Resources which gives you better performance than shared hosting. A VPS could be the best WordPress hosting for your needs

A VPS normally comes with SSD drive which gives you faster-loading speed compared to normal hard drive used in shared hosting.

My website is hosted on Digital Ocean’s VPS from last year with a $5/Month plan. I have got 1 vCPU, 1 GB RAM, 25GB SSD Storage, and 1 TB Bandwidth.

I didn’t pay in huge as their plans come with monthly caps. So each month I pay only $5 to continue my website.

my website’s uptime and speed report 2018

I didn’t face any issue from the beginning.

Serious entrepreneur need a stunnable web hosting that has to be best performed and secured.

There is no doubt choosing or upgrading to a VPS hosting guarantees better result and increase your ROI. 

A VPS is better than shared hosting in every technical way. 

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is a VPS hosting provider where you can always know what you’ll pay with monthly caps and what you will get with that pricing across all global data centers.

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