What is VPS Hosting? Everything you need to know about VPS

(Last Updated On: August 25, 2018)

VPS stands foVirtual Privet Server is a hosting server where a much powerful dedicated server clustered with many independently functioning virtual server with a fixed allotment of resources each of them.

The portion or Virtual Server just act as same as a dedicated server but its actually a part of a dedicated server. Making each unit functioning independently.

Unlike shared hosting, VPS has its own operating system and space and fixed dedicated resources.

VPS hosting is the newer and most trending form in the web hosting industry that recently gained in popularity.

If you are getting started your website with VPS hosting, you can save quite a bit of money by renting a small portion of the dedicated server.

VPS hosting is the great way to have all the service of a dedicated server without the cost of a dedicated server.

How does a VPS hosting Works?

A master dedicated server segmented into multiple Virtual Server by distributed its hardware specs. This is done by a software called hypervisor which creates and runs the virtual server within the master server.

A server on which a hypervisor runs one or more virtual server is called a host machine (Dedicated Server), and each virtual server is called a guest machine.

Its distributed the hardware specs of the master dedicated server to each virtual server.

Each Virtual Server behaves like a standalone dedicated server and isolated from each other. They use own copy of Operating System and have separate allotted resources, IP address, Bandwidth etc.

A VPS can be rebooted, Destroyed, Formatted Independently without any effect to other Virtual Server or the mastered dedicated server.

For many purposes, they are functionally equivalent to a dedicated physical server,

What are the Advantages/Benefit of VPS hosting

When you are going to choose/thinking about VPS, inculcating some question in your mind what are the benefits of a VPS hosting. How does it help me to run my website?

There are plenty of advantages of a VPS. 


Unlike shared hosting, VPS is using its own fixed allotment of hardware resources, you can utilize your site with the maximum power cycle. You have the dedicated amount of resources like ram and storage. you can use as much as RAM and storage. Enhance resources will escalate your site faster because the request will be executed more quickly.


The activities of all other VPS will not affect your VPS if the owner of other VPS rebooted his server, destroyed or turned off. if there is a much bigger site than you on the same server, The traffic and activities of other users will not adversely affect on your site.


With a VPS you have your own operating system. So you can customize all server application, you have the freedom to choose the os and software you want to install on it. Unlike shared hosting, you can upgrade your resources any time.


As you have your own Operating System on VPS there are no possibilities for other users to have potential access on your server. You can feel an enhanced sense of security as each VPS is separate from another user. You will get complete root access to use your instances for any kind of superuser activity.

As each VPS use a separate IP address and if any user did a serious mistake and his site and that has been blacklisted by the search engine. It will never impact your site. You can use your site as a safe email server to deliver your mail to your subscriber’s inbox. Its a most significant advantages of a VPS.


Most people are not aware of how much the speed they can increase of their website if they upgrade to a VPS. Most VPS service provider using SSD for providing faster site loading. As I said earlier no one would wait if your site takes ages to load. A VPS can give you 62% more improvement in the term of page load speed.

What are the Risks of VPS:

There is plenty of misconception about a VPS that it requires a lot more knowledge to operate a VPS, and We will now dive into these.

Myth #1 Its hard to manage:

Unfortunately many say that VPS is more complicated and harder to control and you need some technical skill to manage your VPS server.

Actually, it was, but these days most VPS service provider made their control panel very easy to operate.

When you are going to looking at the control panel of your VPS server, you would feel it as a friendly web-based control panel to manage your website just like shared hosting.

I am not a geek person but I can operate my self-managed VPS without any worry just googling my problem.

And also many VPS provider like Digital Ocean has one-click script install and own community center so that a user can get help from every corner of their issues.

You don’t have to be some kind of computing genius to manage your VPS. Whatever its managed or unmanaged VPS plan. You can take care of all of the legwork in just a few commands.

Myth #2 VPS is expensive than shared hosting:

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how much expensive or affordable VPS is. And also I compared it with the shared hosting plan. And when I finished, an interesting result came out.

For the most hosting provider, shared hosting plan generally comes with very cheap pricing option about $3.5 – $4 per month but it forces you to pay annual, triennial or biennial commitment.

That means to host your site on a shared hosting you have to invest more than $ 100 for the first time.

If not annual commitment for some company’s then you have to pay around $10 plus $34 for setup fee for one month.

And furthermore, after the promotional three years, you have to pay $ 10 per month to continue your site with another annual commitment.

On the other side, the only VPS service provider like Digital ocean and Linode are providing hosting in just from just $5 per month with 1 GB RAM, 20 GB SSD Storage, 1 TB bandwidth which gives you more performance and flexibility than shared hosting.

And they does not require you to commit with annual payment. Neither in the future if you want to stay lifelong with them.

They come with enough resources to support and manage multiple websites. Its a lucrative investment for a startup business

So the fact is that a basic VPS plan in relatively affordable than any shared hosting budget. If you are looking for a cost efficient web hosting for your site, try VPS other than any shared hosting solution.

Myth #3 VPS is not perfect for the startup.

Many say startup who is intending to launch his first website the choose shared hosting instead of a VPS.

Please don’t listen to this. As I discussed earlier about the disadvantages of shared hosting it could ruin your business. You never understand why you are not growing up if you host on a shared hosting.

As MakeUseOf describes in his blog, it was his big mistake to host his site on a shared hosting, and when he realized, he moved on a VPS server.

The author of Eat That Frog Stephen Covey says “Before you begin scrambling up the ladder of success, make sure that it is leaning against the right building

How much does VPS cost?

If you look around the Hosting Provider, many of them have a high price with annual or triannual payment.

The above pricing of these Provider indicating that opting a VPS may be a cost effective.

But if you look another corner of web, there are some great Hosting Provider with as cheap as shared hosting.

Digital Ocean’s Pricing 2018

And also they are coming with monthly payment cap so you don’t need to invest in huge for obtaining a VPS.

Digital Ocean and Linode pricing are indicating that you could grab a Stunning VPS Hosting within your budget. Both are the leading VPS Provider in the hosting industry.

How Much traffic can VPS Handle?

In a starting $5/month plan of Digital Ocean’s VPS, you will get the 1 TB transfer so you have enough bandwidth to deliver your content to the visitor.

You can achieve 300,000+ of hits (with ease) on a WordPress site with Nginx + be caching on a $5 cloud server.

Is VPS Worth for my site?

The real question is why should you choose a VPS Hosting?

Whenever you trying to determine whether it’s a perfect decision to choose a VPS for your need, you need to look at what is the position of VPS in the web hosting industry.

  • The internet giant like Google, Microsoft, Amazon doesn’t have any other hosting model instead of Cloud VPS.
  • So many large business ventures opt VPS over any other hosting simply because of flexibility, security, and mostly cost efficiency.
  • One primary advantage of using VPS in your startup is it does not force you to make a huge investment.
  • Many successful Bloggers, entrepreneur chose VPS in addition to meet their hosting need.

Its a sensible option for both business owner and individual interested in establishing business,

Vps is technically better solution in every single way.


Starting a blog/business is not a fun thing. When you are getting ready to launch your new website, Choosing the right web hosting is a tough decision. The hosting you are committed can make or break your business

But without any doubt opting a VPS web hosting can significantly grow your business. Vps is the only ideal web hosting platform offering dedicated resource, and it saves you the stress of other websites hogging resources.

There is no doubt that opting a VPS service guarantees better results and increase on ROI.

I choose Digital Ocean to host my site. They have great feature and most recommended for startup. They have predictable pricing and secure, reliable platform.

Their easy-to-use control panel gives you the power to run your WordPress site with a just few of command line.

Simple, predictable pricing.

Always know what you’ll pay with monthly caps and flat pricing across all global data centers.

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